COVID-19 Assistance Packages & Grant Support


The QLD government is offering grants of between $10,000 and $30,000 depending on the size of eligible businesses. This grant may be used for business expenses. The payments are tiered based on payroll size. 

  • $10,000 for an annual payroll in QLD of less than $1.3 million 
  • $15,000 for an annual payroll in QLD between $1.3 million and $10 million 
  • $30,000 for an annual payroll in QLD of greater than $10 million 

To be eligible businesses must: 

  • Have a annual turnover of more than $75,000 per annum 
  • A Queensland payroll 
  • have been impacted by the Southeast Queensland lockdown commencing 31 July 2021 or the Cairns and Yarrabah lockdown commencing 8 August 2021 or any other lockdown in the month of August 2021 
  • Hold a valid and active ABN numer 
  • Be registered for GST 
  • Have a QLD principle place of business and trading on the 31 July 2021 

To apply head to https://applyonline.qrida.qld.gov.au/auth/loginApplications close 16 November 2021. We can assist you in writing an evidence letter if you choose this option, head to https://balancetax.com.au/book-in-grant-support-services/ to book in. 


September 2021 – Applications for non-employing sole traders are open.

Non-employing sole-traders who run their business within the border business zone may be eligible for a once-off payment of $1,000 if they meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  • be an individual operating as a sole trader 
  • does not employ staff 
  • have a current Australian business number (ABN) continuously held since 30 June 2021 
  • be registered for GST 
  • have a principal place of business address in Queensland and the affected business was based and trading in Queensland on 31 July 2021 
  • have an annual turnover of more than $75,000 during any of the 2018-19, 2019-20 or 2020-21 financial years 
  • have been affected by a lockdown event or border closure 
  • declare a reduction in turnover of 30% or more during the nominated 7-day period (when comparing against turnover achieved during the same 7-day period in 2019 OR if the business was not trading during the same period in 2019 or the 2019 period does not indicate a typical weekly turnover, another comparable 7-day period can be used.)  

You need to apply and have your information verified by 30 November 2021. 

You can submit your application through the QGrants Portal on the Business QLD website >> https://www.business.qld.gov.au/starting-business/advice-support/grants/covid19-support-grants