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About Us

“Tax is FUN!” …said no one #ever. (Except us #taxnerds at Balance Tax.)

Throw everything you have ever stereotyped about numbers and accountants out of the window.

At Balance Tax, we flip traditional on it’s head by giving “accounting” a fresh, approachable and reliable makeover.


Client relationships are at the heart of what we do.

We don’t just work for you, we work with you on a human to human level. Your goals are our goals and we are in this together!

Numbers are not everyone’s piece of cake. But it is ours!

In fact, we LOVE this type of cake so much that we are experts in translating financial jargon into everyday language. Not only will be be easy to understand (no, really!) but finally you can feel the confidence about your business accounts too.

The maths may be the same, but your business isn’t.

We get the unique needs and operations of your business. We take time to know you, and your business, and tailor advice and solutions with your best interests at heart.

DianaOwner & Tax Nerd
Diana is a USA local turned Perth-ian (7 years and counting). When she isn’t vicariously chasing the high of sorting out your tax, you’ll find her golfing, hanging out with her cute “doggo’s” and travelling the world. Her infectious energy and enthusiasm for all things tax will actually have you excited to sit down and talk tax. #truestory
Jay Z Rapping Skills 80%
Sunset Watching 95%
Golf Skills 70%
HayleyPractice Coordinator
Busting numbers for Balance Tax since December 2017, our organisational QUEEN thrives on keeping things working to schedule. Though many have tried, no IT software can outdo her – she even has the AUSKEY system taimed!
BiancaJunior Tax Accountant
Bianca loves tax so much, she has a degree in tax law. No deduction will remain unclaimed under her watch!