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About Us

Our mission is to help you avoid that mountain of paperwork and pass on your tax work and business finances over a coffee in your favourite cafe, or a Skype chat with a friendly face.

We get you.

When it comes to taxes and business finance, you’re probably thinking –“Ughhh taxes, when will the paperwork ever end?!” The bad news? It doesn’t end. But the good news – we can take it off your hands. We’ll rescue you from that pile of paperwork, organise your deductions and save the day! 

What makes us different?  

We know this is probably something you’ve been dying to outsource, but you want to have confidence in your tax accountant and know that we’ll look out for you. We know you work hard for your money. We give taxpayers peace of mind knowing that their tax and business compliance needs are met by caring professionals. We’re not only looking out for you, but your wallets too. Balance gives you peace of mind knowing you are getting outstanding service and great value.

Who is behind Balance Tax?

Diana is a tax accountant with a heart of gold, and I am in this business for one reason: to help YOU small business owners! You are more than just a client to me, so please don’t be surprised if I suggest we catch up over coffee. And if meeting at your office is more your style, I can accommodate that too.

Balance Tax is my passion and purpose, and I really enjoy tax law, in particular tax planning where I apply tax law to your individual circumstances to support your financial goals.

My dream of using my accounting skills as an avenue to help others was always going to happen. It was just a matter of time.

I’ve always been about following the rules and paying attention to detail, even as a kid. I was constantly nose deep into my studies. Then when I was 18, my Mom suggested I become an accountant.

Things changed.

I realised there was a whole other pathway for me to organise numbers and help make others’ lives better at the same time – and I haven’t looked back since.

Qualifications in tax law and accounting gave me the solid education to combine with my lifelong appetite for counting dollar bills (the green ones are my favourite!) and finding the best deals. I then spent 15 years working for various businesses and companies, large and small, mastering my craft.

Balance Tax was launched in 2015, when I realised I could offer something different – great value – in an industry full of un-friendly tax accountants whose fees are so high you need to take out a second mortgage to pay their bill.  

I have the experience to establish self-managed super funds, explain business structure strategies, draft partnership agreements, manage family trusts, help sole traders get up and running. I communicate in a language that doesn’t require a translator to understand. Specialising in accounting systems, I also train small business owners how to use *the cloud* to make their bookkeeping effortless, so they can spend time doing things they love instead.

When I’m not flexing my tax law brain, you’ll find me enjoying the Perth city lights and ocean sunsets with my partner and my bichon, Oscar.

Follow me on Instagram for Perth city updates, dog photos, tax tips (of course!), and more insights into the brains behind Balance Tax.

Meet the Balance Tax Team

Diana Todd
Diana ToddOwner and Tax Nerd
Originally from the USA, Diana has found herself living in (and LOVING) Perth, Western Australia for the last nine years. A golfer, dog lover and traveller, she’ll make tax time less painful for you and make you excited to meet up and talk tax.
Jay Z Rapping Skills 80%
Sunset Watching 95%
Golf Skills 70%
AprilPractice Coordinator
April joined the Balance Tax team in December 2017. She is the QUEEN of keeping all things organised and on schedule. No IT software can outdo her – she even has the AUSKEY system taimed!
KatalinAssistant Accountant
Kat joined our team in September 2017. She eats numbers for breakfast and can type 1,000 digits a minute on a calculator. And ironically has never eaten a Kit Kat Bar!